Thursday, March 24, 2011

Emma hits the road!

Emma's going to hit the road next month. OK, I'm going along and so is Michele McNeal. First stop will be San Francisco where she'll appear at the Innovative Users Group 2011 Conference. Will she favor the audience with some of her cowboy poetry? We'll see. This conference draws librarians from across the U.S. They ought to have some appreciation for her evocative and powerful images of the West.

Next stop will be Philadelphia for Chatbots 3.1 Conference. As a humble librarian, I'm a bit nervous. Emma's going to meet Dr. Richard Wallace and some of the other heavy hitters of the chatbot and AI world. She'll have to be on her best behavior and so will I. We're calling the presentation "The Cat who sat down at the Reference Desk (with apologies to Lilian Braun)" Not sure if I like this title, but that's what it's about, how we ended up with an AI cat at our ref desk. Well, there's time to think about it.

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