Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twin Value Memories

Anyone remember the old Twin Value, near Euclid Square Mall?
I used to live in Willoughby Hills and work in Cleveland, so Twin Value was right on the way home. I thought they were great, one stop for everything I did and didn't need. Groceries, cheap furniture, hardware, clothes. My fondest Twin Value memory was a giant frozen box of hotdogs, amazingly inexpensive and completely inedible - every bite full of bone chips or some other hard, tooth-cracking debris. "Everything but the squeal," indeed. I cooked them outside, then tossed them down the hill for the raccoons. (My house was on the edge of the Chagrin River ravine. Scenic!) They ate them, or the skunks did, poor things. The cheap shelves I bought there did better. They survived a number of moves from Willoughby to Akron to Canton and back to Willoughby. Not the last move to Akron, though. They found a new home with the person who was glad to take them off our treelawn. They're probably as full of junk as ever in someone's garage in Eastlake or Chesterland.

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